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Blawg Review #213 pre-announcement

I’ll be hosting Blawg Review #213 one week from today, on May 25, 2009. I’m preannouncing the theme because I need your help. Yes, you there! My first Blawg Review #42 was in honor of Douglas Adams, one of my favorite authors who suffered a permanent existence failure in 2001. May 25th has been designated… Continue Reading

Blawg Review #144

Welcome to Blawg Review #144! This review draws its theme from the number, as did my prior reviews, #42 with its Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy theme, and #93 with my tribute to Steve Jackson Games and its Illuminati game. Well, this one proves once again how much of a geek I am at heart.… Continue Reading

Blawg Review Nominations

I’m flattered that some of my peers have chosen to honor my Blawg Review #93 (The Illumninati 2-disc special edition) as one of the best Blawg Reviews from 2007. I’m looking forward to hosting again myself on the 28th of January… I’d like to nominate my fellow Hosts as follows: #122 – David Gulbransen #130… Continue Reading

Blawg Review #100

Wow, Blawg Review had it’s 100th edition┬áthis week! The Editor prepared a retrospective on the past issues which included my #42, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Blawgosphere, and #93, the Illuminati edition.┬á It’s been fun, I look forward to more! I host again next January. Thanks, Ed, for your kind words to me in a… Continue Reading