T-6 days to Towel Day Edition of Blawg Review

As a reminder, the Towel Day Edition of Blawg Review is coming on May 25, 2009. Towel Day is an annual day held in memory of Douglas Adams, the author of many fine works including the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Series. On that day, all the hoopy froods carry a towel in his honor. Douglas, alas, suffered a permanent existence failure in 2001, and thus has been unable to enjoy the day himself.

(Photo credit to Markbult under a Creative Commons license.)

So, law bloggers and twitterers, send me a photo with you and your towel, and I’ll do my best to include as many of them as possible in the Review with a link back.
Please use the address kthompson@cyberlawcentral.com, and G or PG photos only! Please remember – *with* towel, not *sans* towel.

Thanks in advance!






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  1. […] good law teacher.  So… I have no difficulty at all in supporting this worthy memorial.  CyberLaw Central is hosting Blawg Review on that day – and it will, I am sure, be a good […]

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