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Happy Towel Day!

It’s on days like this I miss Douglas Adams as well as Ed, the editor of Blawg Review. Both taken from us before their times. Both were hoopy froods.

So raise a glass to both of their memories, and make sure you know where your towel is!

Blawg Review #322

CRACK… By striking my bone gavel, I call this special Blawg Review meeting of the Skull and Bones Society to order. Ever since the passing of Demosthenes in the year 322, and since the founding of our Society here at Yale in 1832, we honor eloquence. So, today, it is altogether fitting and proper that… Continue Reading

Blawg Review #295

Welcome to a special “Cyberlaw” edition of the weekly carnival of legal blogging, Blawg Review! I am honored to host, especially since today, January 24, 2011, is a special day. It’s the 27th anniversary of the first sales of the Apple Macintosh [I’m writing this on a Macbook Pro, the best laptop I’ve yet owned].… Continue Reading

Blawg Review #256

Arrakis. Dune. Desert planet… Welcome to Blawg Review #256! In 1965, the best selling science fiction book of all time, Frank Herbert’s Dune, was first published. Parts of it had been published in serial form in a magazine in 1964, but as near as I have been able to determine the first publication was in… Continue Reading

Blawg Review #213

(Photo credit to Markbult under a Creative Commons license.) Welcome to the Towel Day edition of Blawg Review! Towel Day began in 2001 as a tribute to Douglas Adams. Some of you may recall that my Blawg Review #42 was also a tribute to Douglas. The first Towel Day was held on May 25, 2001,… Continue Reading