Time flies

Since my last post, another Towel Day has come and gone. I’ve been enjoying the new Dirk Gently TV series, but will admit to being behind in my viewing. New episodes are taping, and I’ve still not seen the last season’s finale. <it’s next.> Sad times for a Douglas Adams fan, but also happy that… Continue Reading

Happy Towel Day!

It’s on days like this I miss Douglas Adams as well as Ed, the editor of Blawg Review. Both taken from us before their times. Both were hoopy froods. Happy #towelday! See https://t.co/1JpdWcjdti (Blawg Review #213 Towel Day edition) and Blawg Review 42 – https://t.co/W9966z42a9 — Kevin Thompson (@cyberlaw) May 25, 2016 So raise a… Continue Reading

Links of Note – April 22 2016

Here are this week’s links from Twitter (@Cyberlaw): Supreme Court denies cert in Authors Guild v. Google. https://t.co/zrV7sYy7Lk #fatladysings — James Grimmelmann (@grimmelm) April 18, 2016 An analysis of the Burr-Feinstein anti-Encryption bill pending in congress by @iainthomson at The Register – https://t.co/D5ktujGKSw — Kevin Thompson (@cyberlaw) April 14, 2016 Nice article by @gigalaw via… Continue Reading

Disparaging Trademarks: The Skin-ny on The Slants

Here’s my presentation to the Chicago Bar Association on April 6, 2016 on “Disparaging Trademarks: The Skin-ny on The Slants.” In my talk, I explained how Section 2(a) works when the mark is considered disparaging of an identifiable group, how it was ruled unconstitutional in the recent en banc decision of the Federal Circuit in… Continue Reading

Google to remove “Revenge Porn” from Search Results

I’m glad to see that Google is removing “Revenge Porn” from its search results. It won’t remove the images from the websites themselves, of course, but it should help to remove some of the angst that victims of this crime suffer. One of my most common calls and inquiries come from people trying to find… Continue Reading

New adventure

I’ve recently switched law firms, so my contact information has changed. I’m very happy to be with Ladas & Parry LLP as part of their Chicago office. The firm has been around for over 100 years, and has a strong international presence. Here’s the link to my firm bio. I’m excited to be part of… Continue Reading

The New Frontier Begins

And so it begins… ICANN is delegating its first new domains under its expansion of the gTLD system. Admittedly, these domains are in foreign languages, but that does not diminish the changing nature of these domains upon the landscape. The four strings delegated are: – شبكة (xn--ngbc5azd) – Arabic for “web/network” Registry: International Domain Registry… Continue Reading