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Blawg Review #41 is up!

Jonathan B. Wilson is the host of Blawg Review #41, please be sure to check it out here. FYI, I’m hosting next week’s Review, so if you’re a legal blogger please be sure to submit your post (written during this week) for consideration. The deadline is Saturday at 11:59PM PST. For submission guidelines, see here.… Continue Reading

Assorted References

Blawg Review #35 is up at Colin Samuels’ Infamy or Praise. BlawgWorld 2006 is a free e-book available to Technolawyer members that lists entries from 51 legal blogs. Membership is free, so if you haven’t already received your free copy you can sign up over at I am thankful for two things — first,… Continue Reading


Well, I’ve sort of fixed the archives problem I mentioned previously. The monthly archives are still unavailable ( except for August, which is fine), but I found a great plugin that lists the underlying posts in each month, so the same effect is reached. I’ll keep working on the problem, I’ve learned a lot while… Continue Reading


For some reason, the archives are still messed up. It’s a result of the conversion from Blogger, and I haven’t had much luck fixing it. Until I fix it, the best way to get older posts is by category. Thanks for bearing with me. Continue Reading