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Links for August 5, 2022

Here are the links of interest for the week of August 5, 2022:




Join the Legal Sci-Fi and Fantasy Book Club

Today is the anniversary of the first airing of Doctor Who, one of my favorite shows. On this day I am launching a new book club for legal professionals of all sorts (not just lawyers, mind you) to read and discuss books of a Sci-Fi and/or Fantasy nature. As an initial selection, let’s read and discuss Dune by Frank Herbert. There is a poll on the site to select our first meeting date and time, which will be virtual. To join, visit

Controlling Access to Data on Apple devices when Personal Safety is at Risk

Apple has posted a support document explaining just how to check the personal privacy settings on your Apple devices. As they say: If you’d like to revisit what you share with other people, or restore your device’s original settings for any reason, this guide can help you understand what information you are sharing via your… Continue Reading

Blawgworld 2007

I’m happy that my Blog was included in the 2007 edition of Blawgworld, published by Technolawyer.  Here’s a link to get your free copy.  Be sure to check out the other wonderful legal blogs that are linked through from there. Continue Reading