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For some reason, the archives are still messed up. It’s a result of the conversion from Blogger, and I haven’t had much luck fixing it. Until I fix it, the best way to get older posts is by category. Thanks for bearing with me. Continue Reading

I’m back!

I’ve been offline lately, with lots of work and home activities intruding into my blogging time. Well, I’ve come back! In the interim, I’ve had some good ideas for posts that I hope to get up in the next few days. Continue Reading

Comments expected

I have noticed the lack of comments, which may have been because for a while the software was set to only allow registered Blogger users to post comments. Well, I’ve fixed that – anybody can now. If that grows to be a problem with comment spam, well, then I’ll rethink that. The only comments I… Continue Reading

Copyright Office adds RSS Feeds!

I learned through Library Stuff (originally courtesy of Dave Winer) that the U.S. Copyright Office has added four RSS feeds to its website. The feeds are:* Copyright Office Home Page* NewsNet* Federal Register* Current Legislation I’ve already added the first two of these to my RSS news reader, it’s a great new way to keep… Continue Reading

The value of Blogs

As a lawyer, I rely on my digital devices to aid me in my practice. I enjoy learning, and I try to find ways to incorporate that into my routine. As an example of how this works in my daily life, here is what happened last Friday: 1) Kevin J. Heller posted at his Tech… Continue Reading