Are Open Source Toyotas Neutrally Networked?

I was pleased to be asked back on the This Week In Law podcast for Episode #60, entitled “Open Source Toyotas.” Here’s a link to the audio – Video is available on Blip.

Denise Howell is the host, and guests are myself, Marty Schwimmer, and Xeni Jardin.  It was fun!

Also, I was pleased to speak today to the Chicago Bar Association‘s Cyber Law and Data Privacy Committee regarding Network Neutrality along with my friend Evan Brown.  Thanks to Chris McGeehan for the invitation.

4 Responses to Are Open Source Toyotas Neutrally Networked?

  1. At the 48 minute mark you stated the ps3 “was never sold explicitly with the understanding that you could run linux on top of them. It’s just an expectation that has arisen … because you can.” From my understanding the ps3 was in fact sold explicitly with the understanding that one could run linux. According to this complaint (, since Sony introduced the PS3 in 2006, one of its advertised features included the “Install other OS” function that allowed users to install and run other operating systems such as Linux.

    Just wanted to state this discrepancy because bad facts make bad law.

  2. Thanks for the correction. We were all operating under that misunderstanding when we recorded the show. They also corrected this misstatement on the next show, #61.

    I am now even more interested to see how this one turns out.

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