Professor Lessig on copyright reform

Here’s a link to a great article by Professor Lessig on the need for copyright reform. Despite the article’s title, he’s really not defending piracy per se, but merely noting that the law criminalizes certain behaviors that he believes should instead be encouraged. It’s well worth a read.

Posting here on the blog has been rather lax lately, I’ve apologized directly to those who have inquired. I’ve been busy with work, as well as some speaking. For example, I did a repeat of my copyright presentation to the Chicago Bar Association’s seminar on IP law for non-IP attorneys on October 1st.

Interested people can also follow me on Twitter, my profile is at The discussions there are limited due to the 140 character limit per post, or “tweet”, but I believe it is a worthwhile forum. Topics are wide ranging and are usually non-legal, so caveat emptor.

In the meantime, enjoy the above-linked article.

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