Techshow 2008 – In Progress report

The “Laptop Lanes” are finally in place here at Techshow 2008, so I am posting this later than planned. The highlight to me so far has been Marc Rotenberg of Epic’s keynote. Tom Mighell did such a good job with the fireside chat portion of the keynote that I only managed to think of one question to ask.

Other sessions I have attended include records management, document management, and law firm data breaches. The last one is a personal favorite of mine, Dave Ries and John Simek always do a great job putting this one together. In past years they’ve had live demos of intrusions in process, but the hypos this year were esoteric enough to make real examples unwieldy.

I’m back off now to the expo hall, looking forward to the afternoon and evening sessions.

[Originally posted by Kevin Thompson at Cyberlaw Central]

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