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Out of the Box with Wireless

I’m writing this now on OpenOffice 2.01 with my new Acer Travelmate C200. Opening the box was cool, I was up and running within minutes. The only big hiccup came with the built-in power management software misinterpreting tablet mode as being the standard “Lid’s closed, let’s power down” mode. Luckily I was able to diagnose… Continue Reading

Victory declared: But is it really?

Mark Russinovich, over at Sysinternals, has declared victory over the rootkit embedded in the CD’s Sony has distributed. And, as Bruce Schneier points out in his excellent analysis, Mark has reason to be happy. It’s David v. Goliath. However, it’s not a total victory. There are untold numbers of machines still infected with the Sony… Continue Reading

More on Sony DRM problem

My major problem with the Sony DRM I wrote about yesterday is the lack of consent on the part of the user. The terms of the Sony EULA are posted here. Nowhere does Sony advise that even if you uninstall the software using normal procedures that there are hidden bits that remain. Further, the fact… Continue Reading

Microsoft: Damned if you do.

The patches that Microsoft released for a security flaw are partly to blame for the recent Zotob virus outbreak. As noted in many places, among them being This Week in Tech, hackers reverse engineered the patches to determine exactly where the security flaw was and released the Zotob virus within *THREE DAYS*. Microsoft is damned… Continue Reading

Spyware part of ID Theft Ring

This is very, very disturbing. An article over at Eweek claims that the spyware called CoolWebSearch is actually a keylogger. A test by a spyware removal company found that the program is sending passwords, user names and bank account information to a server in Texas. The FBI has been notified, but the article does not… Continue Reading