Looking forward to Techshow 2008!

I’ll be heading over to the Hilton for ABA Techshow 2008 Thursday, Friday, and Saturday this week. I am looking forward to catching up with those I’ve met in previous years. If you will be there, please stop me and say hello! I also plan to post somewhat, at least once per day, during the event.

I have enjoyed coming to Techshow as I always learn new things to implement in my practice, as well as to hang out with fellow “geeky lawyers” as my wife would say. It truly is a good event, and it is so nice that it is held here in Chicago.

That aside, I want to point out a must-read post from Dennis Crouch at Patently-O about the blogger formerly known as the Troll Tracker, who has been sued for defamation. Here’s a link to my prior article, which admittedly was written before he unveiled his identity. Dennis provides links to the complaints in his post for those who are so inclined.

[Originally posted by Kevin Thompson at Cyberlaw Central]

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