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  • Copyright Basics webinar and @cyberlaw Links

    For those of you who are interested, I’ll be presenting as part of my firm’s IP Webinar series on October 5, 2011 at 12 CDT on Copyright Basics.  It will be a lot of fun, and hopefully a good learning experience for all.  Since it’s a webinar, be prepared to ask your general copyright questions […]

  • This Week’s @cyberlaw Links

    As a new feature on the blog, I will try to regularly look at articles I tweeted the links for on Twitter (@cyberlaw), and discuss them briefly. Here are some I found interesting this week: HP Touchpad’s Fate Jonathan Ezor’s review of the HP Touchpad I linked to last week became more timely after HP’s […]

  • Recent Quotes and Updates

    I was quoted in a November 3, 2010 Chicago Daily Law Bulletin article on International trademark scams. For the full text of the article, see the post at our Firm blog. From Twitter, here are some recent links of interest: – Saving to read later: The Great Cyberheist – – Interesting article on the […]

  • Post on Firm blog – Six Considerations for Trademark Due Diligence

    An article I wrote with Marsha K. Hoover of our firm has been posted to our firm blog, entitled “Six Considerations for Trademark Due Diligence.” I encourage normal readers of this blog who are also interested in trademark practice to check it out.

  • Will Facebook username squatting be a problem?

    On June 13th, at Midnight eastern time, the social networking site Facebook will allow users, and administrators of fan pages with more than 1000 fans, to register vanity URLS. Here are links to the announcement and to the FAQ for page administrators about the process. Trademark owners with registrations can register their trademarks with Facebook […]

  • Article on just what is “Intellectual Property”

    Mike Masnick at Techdirt has written the latest in a series of posts which discuss the rationale and basis for what we think of as “Intellectual Property.” It’s a well written series, I’d recommend that you read it. I don’t agree with all he says, but it’s well reasoned. It’s of particular interest to me […]

  • INTA 2007: Muddy waters: Evolving Law and Policy on Internet Advertising

    I attended the session this morning at INTA 2007 on Internet advertising, specifically the focus was on keywords but popups were discussed as well. The speakers were Peter Becker of Microsoft, Laura Covington of Yahoo, Lauren Fisher of AOL, and Rose Hagan of Google. The most interesting part for me was a comparison of the […]