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Is Google taking a free ride?

On Monday, a Verizon executive named John Thorne spoke before a conference celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Telecommunications Act of 1996. His message? That Google is freeloading on the companies that built the Internet backbone, companies like Verizon that own the fiber, without paying their fair share. For a deeper summary of what he… Continue Reading

First Google censors China, now Wikipedia censors Congress

Google’s recent announcement that it will comply with China’s demand for Google’s search results to be censored for users within China was only the beginning. Now, Wikipdedia is blocking edits to its pages from the entire range of IP addresses that belong to the U.S. Congress. Wikipedia editing has been in the news lately, ever… Continue Reading

A sad day in the neighborhood

Joel on Software, written by Joel Spolsky, is a great resource for software developers. He’s in my aggregator because you don’t have to be one to get something good from Joel’s writing. Ryan Park reports on the posting there in an off-topic discussion board of a suicide note, along with one on the personal blog,… Continue Reading

Top Ten Sources and RSS®

The concern over the copyright a website/blog owner has in the RSS feed she publishes isn’t new, but the debate lately has focused on one particular RSS aggregator, called Top Ten Sources. Top Ten Sources is an editor-selected list of ten feeds on a particular topic. When the editor revises the list, he sends an… Continue Reading

Participatory Panopticon

Jamais Cascio’s talk from Mesh Forum 2005 entitled “participatory panopticon” is very interesting, it regards the societal changes that come from mobile phones with digital cameras and other always on mobile networked tools. The Panopticon was Jeremy Bentham’s proposed prison where the inmates could be watched all the time. Mr. Cascio’s idea is that we… Continue Reading

YABHTU? In the new year!

Happy New Year to all my loyal readers! You know who you are, and how much I appreciate your comments. I’ve truly enjoyed keeping up the blog and the interesting people I’ve met along the way. I hope to become YABHTU in the new year, my tablet should arrive next week. I’ll post about my… Continue Reading

Will I become YABHTU?

I am looking forward to the new year, in which I plan to get a laptop to replace my older, luggable device. The question is, will I become Yet Another Blissfully Happy Tablet User (“YABHTU“)? Whenever I get together with other bloggers, I am always impressed with the additional functionality of the tablet design and… Continue Reading