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INTA 2007: Muddy waters: Evolving Law and Policy on Internet Advertising

I attended the session this morning at INTA 2007 on Internet advertising, specifically the focus was on keywords but popups were discussed as well. The speakers were Peter Becker of Microsoft, Laura Covington of Yahoo, Lauren Fisher of AOL, and Rose Hagan of Google. The most interesting part for me was a comparison of the… Continue Reading

Techshow Roundup

I attended only one day of the ABA Techshow here in Chicago on Friday, March 23rd. I initially wrote this post on the train using my latest gadget acquisition, an EvDO Mobile Broadband Card I won at Techshow courtesy of Sprint.  I was one of the lucky winners of their giveaway, and wow, it’s nice. … Continue Reading

Be Proactive: Know Your Systems and People Before Facing a Lawsuit

The following is an article I wrote about the recent changes to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and its impact on record keeping responsibilities and issues. —- As of December 1, 2006, the Federal Courts have adopted new Federal Rules of Civil Procedure that explicitly acknowledge the fact that information that may be relevant… Continue Reading

Open Source: Craigslist

Christopher Lydon’s outstanding public radio show called Open Source is available as a podcast. This morning on my commute I listened to the February 7th show about Craigslist and its implications for generating community on the Internet. Here is a link to the show which you can download and listen on any MP3 player or… Continue Reading