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  • This Week’s @cyberlaw Links

    As a new feature on the blog, I will try to regularly look at articles I tweeted the links for on Twitter (@cyberlaw), and discuss them briefly. Here are some I found interesting this week: HP Touchpad’s Fate Jonathan Ezor’s review of the HP Touchpad I linked to last week became more timely after HP’s […]

  • Securing Your Wireless Network

    As I’ve discussed previously on the blog, there are many cases currently pending involving the filesharing of copyright-protected videos involving BitTorrent. Many of the potential defendants in these cases first receive notice of the lawsuit when they receive a letter from their ISP that their identity will be disclosed to the Plaintiff by a certain […]

  • This Week in Law and Other Updates

    I was a guest on the This Week in Law podcast #82 with hosts Denise Howell and Evan Brown, with the other guest being John Bergmayer of Public Knowledge. It was fun! The video and audio can be downloaded from Here are some other recent updates from Twitter: – For the first time ever, […]

  • Twitterview by @22twts

    On Thursday, September 23, 2010 I was pleased to be interviewed by Lance Godard of @22twts. 22twts interviews practicing lawyers over Twitter. The transcript of the interview can be found here. Thanks again, Lance, for the opportunity.

  • Net Neutrality – Avoiding the “Mushy Middle”

    Thanks to Techmeme, I saw Craig Aaron’s great article on Huffington Post entitled “Net Neutrality’s New Enemy: The Mythical Mushy Middle.” I recommend you read it, as it does a great job explaining what happens when corporate interests get involved – netizens and those who haven’t taken a side are caught in what he terms […]

  • Much Ado About Nothing – Google & Verizon’s Network Neutrality Proposal

    I’ve been closely following the Network Neutrality debate for years, and while I am pleased that Google and Verizon have brought the discussion to the forefront in recent days, there has been too much outrage in my humble opinion. Certain facts remain after careful analysis of the joint policy proposal. Fact 1 – it’s a […]

  • ABA Techshow 2010 – Roundup of Paperless Office Sessions

    I’ll be presenting my thoughts on ABA Techshow 2010 to my CBA Law Practice Management and Technology committee on April 9, 2010 along with our other members who also attended Techshow, but I wanted to also post some of them here. I spent Day 1 in the “Paperless Practice” track, and most were really good […]

  • Recent @cyberlaw posts on Twitter

    I’ve been much more active lately on Twitter than here on the blog, for a variety of reasons. Most of them are work related, it’s nice to be busy! With the limited time I’ve had, it’s been much easier to post quick links to interesting articles on Twitter. For those of you who don’t follow […]

  • Bits and Bytes

    Welcome to 2009! Postings here have been light at the end of 2008 due to other considerations, such as work and sleep. 🙂 Let’s see if 2009 brings the planned regular posting schedule. I’ve still been active online, just not here. You can follow me on Twitter at @cyberlaw. The most interesting link to share […]

  • What does “search incident to arrest” mean today?

    A good article over at the Wall Street Journal on the recent controversy over warrantless searches of laptops was pointed out to me by Venkat Balasubramani. Thanks, Venkat! The article is worth reading as it discusses the recent cases involving searches of electronic items at the border (based upon a “reasonable suspicion” test), and contrasts […]