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More on Sony DRM problem

My major problem with the Sony DRM I wrote about yesterday is the lack of consent on the part of the user. The terms of the Sony EULA are posted here. Nowhere does Sony advise that even if you uninstall the software using normal procedures that there are hidden bits that remain. Further, the fact… Continue Reading

BitPass: Promising micropayment system for podcasting coming soon

I listened to an interesting interview with Kurt Huang of over at IT Conversations, part of the Web Talk series with Rob Greenlee. BitPass is a micropayment service, allowing small payments to be deducted from an account in order to pay for online content. Rob discussed the new proposed “BitPass Unplugged” service with Kurt,… Continue Reading

Compelling Audio: an Extreme Blogger

Be sure to give the recently re-featured talk by Ben Saunders over at IT Conversations a listen. Ben is the ultimate in extreme bloggers – he updated his site from the North Pole, and kept his last expedition up to date with some makeshift electronic gear that he was flat-out advised by the manufacturers would… Continue Reading

Podcast on Music Licensing

For those of you clearing rights to music for use in your podcasts, here is a link to an interview with Brian Ibbott of Coverville over at Podcast Solutions. From the show notes: Since Brian is at the forefront of trying to navigate the hurdles in playinglicensed music, we spend a good deal of time… Continue Reading