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Join the Legal Sci-Fi and Fantasy Book Club

Today is the anniversary of the first airing of Doctor Who, one of my favorite shows. On this day I am launching a new book club for legal professionals of all sorts (not just lawyers, mind you) to read and discuss books of a Sci-Fi and/or Fantasy nature. As an initial selection, let’s read and discuss Dune by Frank Herbert. There is a poll on the site to select our first meeting date and time, which will be virtual. To join, visit

LG Webinar Recording – The Trademark Modernization Act

Here’s the recording of the November 10, 2021 LG Webinar I conducted on the Trademark Modernization Act:

Today, on November 17, 2021, the USPTO issued its final rule setting forth the implementation plan, which varies somewhat from what was expected:

  • The implementation date of the Act is December 18, 2021 for most procedures, with the flexible response times for Office Action responses beginning on December 1, 2022;
  • The filing fee for an expungement or a re-examination petition was set at $400 per class

The final rule can be found at