Links of Note – April 22 2016

Here are this week’s links from Twitter (@Cyberlaw):



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  1. Burner Combustion Systems Avatar

    I understand the desire for law enforcement to want access to phones, but you just can’t violate citizens privacy rights and the rights of companies to not have their security weakened. Law enforcement wants a back door. When that doesn’t work, they say they want ‘a way to accomodate both sides’. The problem with accomodating both sides is that any attempt to access the data on a customer phone without the customer password involves a back door of some sort (even if you want to call it something else).
    The bill in this article didn’t go anywhere (it wasn’t even close to having majority support in either house). There has been a recent attempt to revive it (with FBI support) (they claim half of over 3000 phones in the first half of this year were impenetrable), but this attempt will have the same result as the last one.

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