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I’ve been much more active lately on Twitter than here on the blog, for a variety of reasons. Most of them are work related, it’s nice to be busy! With the limited time I’ve had, it’s been much easier to post quick links to interesting articles on Twitter. For those of you who don’t follow me there (here’s a link), here are some of the more interesting tweets from the last month:

– New WPA encryption hack – To be secure, wifi users should switch to WPA-2 or WPA-AES standards.
– RT @CanadianPI: The security risks of “Free Public WiFi”
– More SCO lawsuit news coming, thanks to the 10th Cir. overturning the 2007 decision re: ownership of UNIX –
– RT @HostExploit: The US-CCU issues a report on a one year old cyberwar because?
– RT @windycitizen: 7 crimes you can commit that cost less than downloading music.
– Wow, predictive blacklisting could block internet attacks before they happen –
– Interesting study of the M. Jackson death coverage on Twitter – “Detecting Sadness in 140 Characters.”
– Reading about the latest Facebook privacy lawsuit, it’s a laugher.
– Reading how yesterday’s Twitter and Facebook outages were DDOS attacks against one user in the Republic of Georgia –
– From NetworkWorld, a Latvian ISP was cut off by its upstream provider due to ties to cybercrime.
– The acting Cybersecurity Czar has stepped down.




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