T-2 Days to Towel Day Edition of Blawg Review – the Multimedia nature of Hitchhikers

We’re coming down the home stretch folks, just two more days to the Towel Day edition of Blawg Review. There’s still a small bit of time, law bloggers and twitterers, to send me your pictures with your towels. Send them to kthompson@cyberlawcentral.com, and I’ll do my best to include them in the review with a link back. G or PG rated only, please!

In putting this Review together, I’ve been reminded of the multimedia nature of the Hitchhiker phenomenon. I know I was first exposed to it with the radio series, and then the book, and then the TV series, and then the other books, and other radio series, and the other TV shows, and the movie

Please let me know in the comments which version was your favorite!






2 responses to “T-2 Days to Towel Day Edition of Blawg Review – the Multimedia nature of Hitchhikers”

  1. Dave! Avatar

    I kind of liked the old BBC radio series, because radio still left so much to the imagination… but I’ve never cared for the TV series, and I never saw the movie–for fear I’d hate it.

    For me, the favorite would still have to be the books, with the 1st still at the top of my list.

  2. Kevin A. Thompson Avatar

    I’m still partial to the books, then the radio series, and then the TV series. The movie was good, it’s worth watching.

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