T-4 Days to Towel Day edition of Blawg Review – More about DNA

We’re now four days away from the Towel Day edition of Blawg Review, #213. Law bloggers and twitterers, I still need your photos with towels! Send them to me at kthompson@cyberlawcentral.com. Time is running out. Don’t complain to me about your lack of time to enter, the plans have been posted at the local planning office on Alpha Centauri for the past 50 of your earth years…

Seriously, though, Towel Day is a great way to celebrate the life of Douglas Adams, and not just the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy series he’s most famous for.

Douglas was an environmentalist as well, one of his more interesting endeavors was writing the book Last Chance to See, a book about the search for some of the rarest and most endangered species on Earth.

It’s a wonderful book, which, like Hitchhikers, was also a radio show.

Douglas also wrote much more, including several episodes of the classic show Doctor Who, two books in a series about the holistic detective Dirk Gently, the quasi-dictionary The Meaning of Liff, the computer game Bureaucracy, and Starship Titanic.

So, carry your towel on May 25th as any savvy hitchhiker would (or, in correct lingo, as a hoopy frood would), and honor a man who brought much laughter and joy into the world.






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