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Welcome to 2009! Postings here have been light at the end of 2008 due to other considerations, such as work and sleep. 🙂 Let’s see if 2009 brings the planned regular posting schedule. I’ve still been active online, just not here. You can follow me on Twitter at @cyberlaw.

The most interesting link to share recently is for the final report of the Commission on Cybersecurity for the 44th Presidency. The conclusions seem rather predictable at first glance, but there are some good nuggets in the report itself. In particular, in the “Regulating for Cybersecurity” section which begins on Page 49 (Page 55 in the downloadable PDF from the above link), there are recommendations for increasing the use of secure protocols by mandating that the government only contract with entities that use secure protocols themselves.

Another item I’ve been remiss in doing is posting my recommendations for Blawg Review of the Year in 2008. As a past host in 2008, I am eligible to post my favorite reviews. The winner will then be tabulated and announced later. My list, in no particular order other than numerical, are as follows:
Blawg Review 148, hosted by Brett Trout. I gotta love Internet memes, even Rickrolling.
Blawg Review 182, hosted by newly minted lawyer Dave! Gulbransen. Go ahead, take Dave’s test.
Blawg Review 189, hosted by Colin Samuels. What can I say except that Colin does fabulous work.

Good job, all. I host again on May 25th…

That’s enough ramblings for one day, more regular posts will (hopefully) follow.



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