Quick Link – Protecting your identity online

Hat tip to BeSpacific for the link to this article posted at PC World by Rosemark Haworth entitled “A Guide to Protecting Your Identity Online.

Among the tips include:
– Letting people within your networks search your profile in Facebook may not be such a good idea.
– Know who your friends are, and know if they truly are friends of your friends before you make them your new friend.

Cyberlaw Central Commentary
These are good tips and may make people more careful when online. For example, people on Twitter commonly post details about where they are *now*, which may not be the house or other areas you may not want the masses to know are unwatched. Certainly something to think about as we become so interconnected and online. Apple’s new version of .mac is entitled “Mobile Me” for a reason – it’s a tool for people to use and stay synchronized across devices as their lives go increasingly “into the cloud.” We just need to be careful and consciously choose what we make public as we use these networked tools.






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