Blawg Review #52 is up at f/k/a

May I suggest adding Blawg Review #52 to your reading list? David Giacalone has added his stylistic touch and haiku to the best in legal blogs for the past week. David describes his edition like this:

This Blawg Review edition is set up like most of our posts: a lot of white space, a little organization, some graphic images for contrast, and a bunch of haiku (which relate humans to nature) and senryu (which focus on human nature), touched off with occasional insights and/or wise-cracks from the alterred egos.

I was pleased to see that David included my post on the importance of keeping the Net Neutrality issue from being framed as purely a political issue. However, the real gems here are the other posts and the haiku. Be sure to read the whole thing to appreciate the artistic sensibility that went into creating it. It’s one reason why David’s blog has been in my blogroll for a long, long time.

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