News and Notes

Here are some quick news and notes:

  • Patrick Lamb, at In Search of Perfect Client Service, has posted Blawg Review #45. He was kind enough to notice my article on detecting the tone of your email for inclusion in this week’s summary of the legal blogosphere.
  • My word, this is exciting – Chicago is the most recent addition to the list of cities looking to add citywide wi-fi access. What’s great is that the proposal seems to have support from some of the companies currently providing Internet access like AT&T — a nice contrast to other cities where the companies are throwing up as many roadblocks to the plans as possible. I’ll be watching developments here closely as I would love to have more wi-fi access here in Chicago.
  • The Silicon Velley Media Law Blog (by Cathy Kirkman) has a great article on the RIAA’s recent statement that CD-Ripping for personal use was an infringement. I’d thought of writing something similar to her article, but I think she hit the nail on the head here.

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