The value of Blogs

As a lawyer, I rely on my digital devices to aid me in my practice. I enjoy learning, and I try to find ways to incorporate that into my routine. As an example of how this works in my daily life, here is what happened last Friday:

1) Kevin J. Heller posted at his Tech Law Advisor blog, the “Broadcast Flags” case decison came down just that day. (Thanks for the quick post, Kevin!)
2) I followed the link to the decision, and downloaded it in PDF.
3) I synched the PDF to my Palm.
4) I was then able to read the decision on my Palm while commuting (via the train.)

Total elapsed time in having this hot off the press opinion in a readable format was less than five minutes.

The internet is a wonderful tool, and being capable of timeshifting continuing legal education materials is a godsend.







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