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Guest on Lawyer 2 Lawyer Podcast: “Privacy and Piracy: Viacom v. YouTube”

I was honored to be asked to participate on the excellent Lawyer 2 Lawyer podcast on the topic of the recent stipulation entered into between Viacom and YouTube (Google) over user data that the Judge in that case ordered to be turned over to Viacom. My fellow guest was Lauren Gelman, the Executive Director of… Continue Reading

The future of DRM

Over lunch today, I had a nice chat with a fellow lawyer about digital rights management (DRM), among other topics. Then, later on, I came across this nice article from The Guardian entitled “How Apple is Changing DRM.” DRM is a way for copyright owners to get around the rights the purchaser of a copy… Continue Reading

YouTube received 100,000 takedown notices from Viacom

Here’s a link to a great discussion of the situation which has occurred recently when YouTube received 100,000 DMCA Takedown Notices from Viacom, claiming that all 100,000 videos infringed upon Viacom’s copyrights. The problem? A good number of the videos were legitimate.  These users now face the burden of serving YouTube with written counter-notices asserting… Continue Reading