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Craigslist Not Liable for Publishing Discriminatory Advertisements

I’ve been following the recent case here in the Northern District of Illinois where Craigslist was sued for publishing housing advertisements that allegedly violated the Fair Housing Act.  A decision by Judge St. Eve holds that Craigslist is a provider of an interactive computer service under 47 USC 230(c)(1), and that as such it is entitled… Continue Reading

Judge rules NSA’s Internet Wiretapping Unconstitutional

Here’s a case destined to be a Supreme Court case within the year. Today, Judge Anna Diggs Taylor of the Eastern District of Michigan ruled that the NSA’s domestic wiretapping and Internet surveillance program violates the First and Fourth Amendments and the doctrine of separation of powers. An appeal has reportedly already been filed. Stay… Continue Reading

Chicago blogger not required to turn over interview notes

Jamie Kalven is a Chicago-based journalist who covers the conditions in Chicago’s housing projects. He blogs at He covered the case of Diane Bond, a woman with a pending civil rights case in Federal Court against five Chicago police officers, some superintendents, an administrator, and the City of Chicago. The defense attorneys issued a… Continue Reading

Curto v. Medical World Communications – Attorney client privilege on recovered documents

Curto v. Medical World Communications, Inc., et al. Decided May 15, 2006, E. District of New York, No. 03 CV 6327 (2006 WL 1318387) Plaintiff, Lara Curto, has an ongoing EEOC complaint against the Defendants.  While still employed, she used company-issued laptops in her home office to correspond with her attorneys.  She was careful to… Continue Reading

Spyware Installer ordered to pay $4,000,000 in Restitution

Sanford Wallace, former spammer and now spyware installer with his company Smartbot.Net, today was ordered by a New Hampshire district court to pay restitution to consumers in the amount of four million dollars. Co-defendants OptinTrade and Jared Lansky were required to pay $227,000 in restitution. The complaint alleges that the Defendants installed spyware on user’s… Continue Reading

Judge to Order Google to Turn Over Search Records

A federal Judge has indicated that he is likely to compel Google to comply with the Justice Department’s subpoena for search engine data. In a 90-minute hearing held yesterday in California, the Honorable James Ware told Justice Department lawyers that it is likely to receive some of the information requested. A written decision is expected… Continue Reading

Website Contact with Illinois Found Sufficient for Personal Jurisdiction

Mark Partridge of the Guiding Rights blog has a great summary of a recent case here in Illinois about personal jurisdiction over an out of state defendant. The court found that there were sufficicent minimum contacts based upon activity performed over the defendant’s website with the state of Illinois to justify holding the defendant subject… Continue Reading

Domain name dispute: Angé v. Templer – State court claims

Angé v. Templer Decided February 21, 2006 No. C 05-05169 WHA, 2006 WL 436139 (N.D.Cal.) Plaintiffs, an individual and a California corporation named Gap International, Inc., sued in state court for the conversion of the domain name Defendants include the hosting company who took the Plaintiff’s domain name and the Pennsylvania company named Gap… Continue Reading