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Links for Week of September 9, 2022

Here’s the link to my interview with the 808 Podcast on Social Media Policies:



This Week in Law and Other Updates

I was a guest on the This Week in Law podcast #82 with hosts Denise Howell and Evan Brown, with the other guest being John Bergmayer of Public Knowledge. It was fun! The video and audio can be downloaded from

Here are some other recent updates from Twitter:
For the first time ever, companies report that electronic theft surpassed physical theft –
Interesting NPR story on the business of burying Internet search results –
Article on the business of data scraping from the WSJ –
Nice article on the Pentagon’s new Cyber Warriors –

For those of you on Facebook, be sure to “like” the Cyberlaw Central page there –

Guest on Lawyer 2 Lawyer Podcast: “Privacy and Piracy: Viacom v. YouTube”

I was honored to be asked to participate on the excellent Lawyer 2 Lawyer podcast on the topic of the recent stipulation entered into between Viacom and YouTube (Google) over user data that the Judge in that case ordered to be turned over to Viacom. My fellow guest was Lauren Gelman, the Executive Director of… Continue Reading

Compelling audio – Interview with Kevin Werbach

I’m interested in the impact of the digital world on our society.  In an interview with Tech Nation, Kevin Werbach of Wharton College and founder of the Supernova conference touches on that impact.  He also touches on some mistakes made during his tenure with the FCC, such as the Communications Decency Act.  Of course, that particular… Continue Reading

Open Source: Craigslist

Christopher Lydon’s outstanding public radio show called Open Source is available as a podcast. This morning on my commute I listened to the February 7th show about Craigslist and its implications for generating community on the Internet. Here is a link to the show which you can download and listen on any MP3 player or… Continue Reading

Participatory Panopticon

Jamais Cascio’s talk from Mesh Forum 2005 entitled “participatory panopticon” is very interesting, it regards the societal changes that come from mobile phones with digital cameras and other always on mobile networked tools. The Panopticon was Jeremy Bentham’s proposed prison where the inmates could be watched all the time. Mr. Cascio’s idea is that we… Continue Reading

Guest on Internet Cases Podcast

My thanks to Evan Brown who asked me to be a guest on his podcast to discuss the recent controversy over RSS Hijacking. I’ve written about hijacking here and here. Also interviewed is Rick Klau, the Vice President of Business Development for Feedburner. I was fortunate to meet Rick at Blawgthink 2005. The podcast… Continue Reading