Monthly Archives: June 2015

Google to remove “Revenge Porn” from Search Results

I’m glad to see that Google is removing “Revenge Porn” from its search results. It won’t remove the images from the websites themselves, of course, but it should help to remove some of the angst that victims of this crime suffer.

One of my most common calls and inquiries come from people trying to find a way to remove these hurtful images from the web. If Google’s proposal works out as planned it may remove some of the effects, that the search results for a victim’s name would result in these hurtful images. If other search engines follow along, perhaps it may reduce some of the perpetrator’s motivation in posting in the first place.

In the next few weeks Google will release a web interface for the removal of the images from search results. It will be linked from Google’s page linked above. Kudos to those who came up with this initiative.