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Microsoft: Damned if you do.

The patches that Microsoft released for a security flaw are partly to blame for the recent Zotob virus outbreak. As noted in many places, among them being This Week in Tech, hackers reverse engineered the patches to determine exactly where the security flaw was and released the Zotob virus within *THREE DAYS*.

Microsoft is damned if they don’t release security patches, because then if the flaw is discovered later by independent third parties and evidence comes out that Microsoft knew about it, itd be a Plaintiff lawyer’s field day.

At the same time, they are damned if they do. Three days is not enough time for many large companies to roll out security patches since the patches need to be tested carefully. If the patch breaks word processing applications for an entire international company, heads will roll in the IT department. Yet if hackers release another virus like Zotob but which is more troublesome, IT departments will be forced to roll out patches much sooner than they want to.

Microsoft, as the source of the patch, is damned either way.


Well, I’ve sort of fixed the archives problem I mentioned previously. The monthly archives are still unavailable ( except for August, which is fine), but I found a great plugin that lists the underlying posts in each month, so the same effect is reached.

I’ll keep working on the problem, I’ve learned a lot while getting this far!

Attention – Part Two

Since the first post, I found an excellent summary of Attention from a practical point of view by Dare Obasanjo. Nick Bradbury has another good post. From an IP attorney’s point of view, Attention is interesting because it is an attempt to create a new property right in the aggregate of data. It’s different from… Continue Reading

Spyware part of ID Theft Ring

This is very, very disturbing. An article over at Eweek claims that the spyware called CoolWebSearch is actually a keylogger. A test by a spyware removal company found that the program is sending passwords, user names and bank account information to a server in Texas. The FBI has been notified, but the article does not… Continue Reading


For some reason, the archives are still messed up. It’s a result of the conversion from Blogger, and I haven’t had much luck fixing it. Until I fix it, the best way to get older posts is by category. Thanks for bearing with me. Continue Reading