Monthly Archives: July 2005

Upgrade in progress

Please excuse any hiccups over the next few days, I’ve upgraded Cyberlaw Central to run on WordPress. It was time to move on. I will post any updates as necessary, but the Feedburner feed should stay the same.

BitPass: Promising micropayment system for podcasting coming soon

I listened to an interesting interview with Kurt Huang of over at IT Conversations, part of the Web Talk series with Rob Greenlee. BitPass is a micropayment service, allowing small payments to be deducted from an account in order to pay for online content. Rob discussed the new proposed “BitPass Unplugged” service with Kurt, and while the details were sketchy (since it’s not yet available, looks like end of 2005), it sounded like a really neat application of RSS. Obtaining a subscription-based podcast via an RSS feed will deduct the payment from the user’s BitPass account automatically without any user intervention. If realized, this service could lead the way in allowing the podcasting phenomenon to really grow, since the monetization problem is what is keeping many of the bigger players away right now.

What a neat idea. I hope the final service works out close to how Kurt described it in the podcast.

Compelling Audio: an Extreme Blogger

Be sure to give the recently re-featured talk by Ben Saunders over at IT Conversations a listen. Ben is the ultimate in extreme bloggers – he updated his site from the North Pole, and kept his last expedition up to date with some makeshift electronic gear that he was flat-out advised by the manufacturers would… Continue Reading

U.S. Government announces it won’t release DNS to ICANN

A small but important development in the relationship between the US Department of Commerce, which used to directly regulate the Internet’s top level domains (.COM, .NET and .ORG) and ICANN, the group currently charged with the task. ICANN is the Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers, the closest the Internet comes to having a… Continue Reading