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Much thanks, some of it belated

Most recently, thanks to Jonathan B. Wilson for his kind words on his blog. I’ve added his blog to the Blogroll, check his blog out soon.

Thanks, one step back: Thanks to Kevin J. Heller for including my post on the legality of fan fiction as part of Blawg Review #12.

Thanks, two steps back: Thanks to Al Nye the Lawyer Guy for including my post on the DMCA Takedown Provisions in Blawg Review #11.

MGM v Grokster

Rather than try to outwrite the law professors and pundits, I chose not to blog about the Supreme Court’s decision in Grokster right away.

I agree that the Court has punted the hard decision of deciding how to apply Sony – the majority opinion avoids the issue, and the two concurring opinions take different stances. Too bad, rather than provide some helpful guidance the Court has left the water muddied. Other than to the parties involved, this case will have little actual effect, I fear. We’ll see now what happens when the case is remanded.

The Legality of Fan Fiction on the Net

Fan fiction is prevalent on the Internet, but is it legal? It turns out that’s a really interesting question. For the great majority of what is available, the answer is no. ISP’s that distribute these files and the authors of unauthorized works can both be liable for copyright infringement. What is fan fiction? Well, fan… Continue Reading

Musings on DMCA Takedown Provisions

Ernie the Attorney started the recent brouhaha over the notice and takedown provisions in the DMCA. You can read Ernie’s take here, with Denise Howell’s original take here. There are some really interesting comments in the discussion to Ernie’s post. So what do these provisions do? If you know that someone is using your copyrighted… Continue Reading

I’m back!

I’ve been offline lately, with lots of work and home activities intruding into my blogging time. Well, I’ve come back! In the interim, I’ve had some good ideas for posts that I hope to get up in the next few days. Continue Reading